VIDEO: Thug Tries To Choke Out Cop, Gets Point-Blank SHOCKING Surprise

A Las Vegas cop was patting down a thuggish suspect and was about to cuff him, when things got real serious.

Thug man, who had a serious height & weight advantage over the officer, decided he didn’t want to be arrested. So just as the cuffs came out, he bolted.

The officer was having none of it.

Like a boss he runs after the thug and does a full WWE take down. The scumbag resisted fiercely, though, and all he had to do was put his hand on the cop’s gun and it could’ve ended very badly. Fortunately the guy had a little common sense and didn’t try to take the officer’s weapon.

The thug wraps one arm around the officer’s head as the officer attempts to get control. Apparently the cop had some wrestling training because he does a good job staying on top of the criminal pos. Still, it was very dangerous.

The officer manages to reach his radio mic as the two were on the ground, and quickly requests backup yelling “416!” The thug, sensing that he was losing, calls to bystanders to help him, “Help me, dog. Come on, man, somebody help me!” he shouted.

Here’s the video. Hats off to the cop for the Shocking justice!


Someone will undoubtedly say this cop is racist. Well done officer!


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