Tim Kaine Doesn’t Think Congress Has The Power To Impeach Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton’s illegal private e-mail server containing classified material was hacked at least 5 times by foreign agents. The FBI has reopened its investigation into her criminal mishandling of government secrets and a separate investigation into her family’s crooked “charity” organization promises an indictment soon. Should Hillary win the presidential election she would almost certainly be impeached, maybe even before she took office.

Her running mate Time Kaine isn’t worried though, he doesn’t believe Congress has the power to impeach a president.

Dipshit Kaine did a very Clinton-esque interview with Fox Radio on Thursday. He was asked about the prospect that Hillary could be impeached for the avalanche of criminal acts she has committed.

“I’ve really despaired over the last few days, seeing some of the comments when people are throwing the impeachment word around before the election has even taken place,” said Kaine.

Well of course he’s despaired. He’s standing on the deck of a sinking ship without a life preserver. But hey, Kaine is with Hillary which means he’s as full of shit as she is.

“I mean, first it kind of suggests a little bit of defeatism, like, ‘Well, we think we’re probably going to lose,’” he continued.

Yeah, all of Hillary’s legal and ethical troubles are because the Republicans think they are going to lose. It has nothing to do with her being a corrupt lying criminal, right Tim?

Now get ready for the best reason yet why Hillary shouldn’t be prosecuted for her crimes:

“Second is, it also suggests a really bad view of what the role of a legislator is — same about this investigation stuff. You know, I thought legislators were supposed to legislate,” Kaine said.

How awesome is it that a guy who wants to be Vice President of the United States doesn’t understand the basic functions of the government? He’s saying that Congress doesn’t have the power to impeach a president, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

I know Kaine is a democrat so his knowledge of the US Constitution is limited as is his belief in the document, so maybe I should give him a civics lesson. Article I of the Constitution gives the legislature the power of impeachment. Article II defines that the House of Representatives have the sole power of impeaching while the Senate has the sole power of trying impeachment. This is an enumerated power of the legislature.

Even if Kaine never paid attention in school, he should still be aware that Congress has the power to impeach because of his running mate. Hillary Clinton’s husband Bill was one of only two presidents to ever be impeached, Andrew Johnson being the other. Not coincidentally enough, both impeached presidents were democrats. Are we going for the trifecta with Hillary?

Tim Kaine thought the legislature was only allowed to legislate because he is a democrat and full of shit (synonymous). Liberals only like the Constitution when it is convenient for them, which is a rare occurrence. They prefer a system where they can get away with everything, while the commoners are held to the rule of law.

Maybe the worst part about all of this is that if Hillary is elected and then impeached, goofy-ass Tim Kaine will end up being our president.

via: downtrend.com