Thugs Tried To Burn An American Flag At LCU, BIG MISTAKE!

Let there be no ambiguity here we love the American flag. Old Glory represents freedom to not just Americans, but oppressed people’s everywhere looking and dreaming for a better life.

That’s why we get upset when we see liberal anti-American types stomping or burning the flag. We know you have the protected right to do so, but we have just as much right to tell you what an idiot you are for doing so.

This young woman thought she was going to be making a statement when she decided to desecrate the flag. That is until a swarm of patriotic souls saw her and shouted her down. She didn’t know what to do with herself.

You can’t even hear what she’s saying because everyone is shouting


Protest all you want, but we’ll protest your protest. Anytime. Anywhere. Because we love our country that much.


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