Representative John Ratcliffe Questions FBI Director James Comey, Makes Him Admit That Hillary Might Have Lied To The FBI[VIDEO]

An intellectually honest person would have to admit the only reasonable conclusion drawn from the current FBI documentation, combined with the recently disclosed immunity agreements, is they had no intention of charging anyone involved with the Clinton email scandal and subsequent coverup – from the outset.

It you are one of the increasingly rare few who hold the opinion that FBI Director James Comey was attempting to find otherwise, I would strongly urge you to watch this video.

Pay specifically close attention to the segment where Representative Ratcliffe outlines the lies made by Platte River Network’s Paul Combetta and how those lies align with the immunity Combetta was given.

Combetta was given DOJ immunity in December 2015, he lied to the FBI in February of 2016 and yet Comey can’t reconcile why the immunity didn’t immediately dissolve.




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