Pulitzer Winning Author Reveals That Everything Obama Has Ever Said About Terrorism Is A Lie

Obama has tried to blame radical Islamic terrorism on everything except for Islam. Liberals have tried to blame it on mental illness, poor education, and even GLOBAL WARMING. However, no one wants to mention that maybe a religion that commands people to kill their enemies and gives them rewards for it may have something to do with terrorism. Pulitzer Prize winning author Lawrence Wright wrote a book called “The Terror Years,” which questions all these common misconceptions about terrorism.

Check out the following quote from his book on the origins on terrorism. “It’s common to suggest that dealing with root causes of terrorism is the best and maybe only way to bring it to an end, but there is very little evidence to support that notion-or, indeed, what those root causes are. Poverty doesn’t necessarily lead to acts of terror. Nor does tyranny, nor do wars, corruption, a lack of education or opportunity, physical abuse, ethnic hatred, food insecurity, political instability, gender apartheid, a feeble civil society, a muzzled press, nor an absence of democracy. Not one of these factors by itself is sufficient to say that here at last is the reason that idealistic young people line up for the opportunity to behead their opponents or blow themselves up in a fruit market. But each of them is a tributary in a mighty river that floods the Middle East, a river we can call Despair.

Yes, there is an absolute relationship between poverty, education, and violence, but it often works in the reverse of what is commonly assumed. Palestinians who are involved in terror organizations, such as Hamas and Hezbollah, tend to have better educations, are more likely to be employed, and have higher incomes than the general population. The worst violence in the occupied territories often occurs in times of relative prosperity. Game theorists have discovered improving economies may actually lead to increased acts of terror, perhaps because the targets are richer. And as for the absence of democracy, America’s experience in overthrowing tyrants in Iraq and Libya and attempting to bring pluralistic rule to the middle east should be a sufficient caution without applying such remedies in the future.”

via: conservative101.com

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