Newt Gingrich Just Trashed Disloyal GOPs For Trying To Make Trump Break His Promises

Like most of us regular Americans, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich was ecstatic that Donald Trump pulled off an incredible upset in winning the election. It was a true victory for all of us outsiders against the establishment elite that runs Washington D.C. and the mainstream media, too. Now, however, some Republicans in Washington are trying to get Trump to compromise.

These soft GOPs, who were never strongly behind Trump like Gingrich was, are trying to get Trump to appeal more to liberals, and are trying to force him to break some of the promises he made to us when he was campaigning.

Thankfully Gingrich, who is a favorite to win a key cabinet position in Trump’s administration, won’t let him. Said Gingrich about liberal-pleasing Republicans, “The little whiny, sniveling, negative cowards that were never Trump-ers are beneath our paying attention to them.”

Gingrich added that these types will “drift off into the ash bin of history.” We’re thrilled that Trump has people like Gingrich with an iron backbone around him. Do you want Trump to keep his promises?