Judge Jeanine Goes Off And Bravely Exposes Something Huge About The FBI!

There are a good portion of people that work in the mainstream media that seemingly drink the Kool-Aid that is dispensed by the Clintons very easily. And then, there are some that spit it out because it tastes like garbage. Thankfully, there are people in this world in positions in television that are more than willing to say what liars the Clintons are.

The Clintons are tired of hearing about the email scandal, which is evident by Bill Clinton’s statement calling Hillary’s criminal acts just a bunch of “hullabaloo.” The Clinton regime is making another honest attempt to sooth the public by using Bill’s friendly face, and it is basically saying, “Well, everyone else does it, so that makes it okay.” Judge Jeanine Pirro disagrees, and she just eviscerated the FBI by showing it.

“You now have an FBI and a Department of Justice that is beholden, for whatever reason, to the Clintons,” Pirro stated on FOX News.

She gave no qualms in saying that the FBI was a compromised organization, one that has helped Hillary at every turn concerning the email scandal. For whatever reason, the FBI has done everything in its power to not bring Hillary to justice.

And yes, the American people are tired of hearing about the email scandal, but not in the way the Clintons are. Hillary and her campaign want the black smear of her transgressions to simply be forgotten, but this is not possible for the American people.

Pirro even answered Bill’s claims of other secretaries of state having similar email practices, and none of them had much public notice except when it came to his wife.

“That’s wrong too. You know why? It’s a public document. It’s a public record. And the proof is in the pudding because Hillary Clinton would not allow the inspector general in her department to oversee what she was doing, which was collecting money for the Clinton Foundation.”

When people break the law, email each other on a private server, and collect illegitimate funds, they should pay for their crimes. Unless they’re Hillary Clinton apparently.

Judge Jeanine has echoed the wishes of the American people perfectly with her address of Hillary’s emailing scandal, and this is from a federal judge’s standpoint.

This is another Democrat tactic to put Hillary back on top after her medical issues of the past few weeks—trying to take a big issue and make it disappear…which they already tried when she deleted emails. We the People won’t forget this betrayal of trust by people who are supposed to represent and serve this country.

via: angrypatriotmovement.com

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