Huma Abedin Has Gone MISSING! Nobody Knows Where She Is…Fingers Point Directly to HILLARY!

Hillary Clinton’s top aide, Huma Abedin, has gone missing from the campaign trail.

She has not been seen aboard Hillary’s jet in three full days, ever since news broke that the FBI was reopening Hillary’s email scandal.


From Free Beacon:

Top Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin has not been on Clinton’s campaign plane for the last three days, CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin reported Monday.

Baldwin said Abedin was like a “surrogate daughter” to Clinton and that the two are exceptionally close. She then asked CNN correspondent Dana Bash whether she knew why Abedin has not been present on the campaign plane.

“We don’t know exactly why, except I don’t think it would be a bridge too far to have informed speculation that she has now become such a huge part of the story because the only reason why we’re discussing this [email scandal] is because of a computer that her estranged husband allegedly had her emails on it,” Bash said.

“So that is no question [a] big part of the reason. Maybe she’s also dealing with her lawyers. We’re just not sure,” Bash continued.

Well, this is odd. Can Hillary really be that upset at a good friend over something that was her fault to begin with?


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