FBI Lets Out A Big One: Hillary’s 30K Emails Might Not Be Lost!

If I were Hillary Clinton I would definitely be looking for flights to non-extradition countries starting the 9th of November, because there is some stuff going down that is going to put her ample backside in a jail cell!

Hillary Clinton’s 33,000 emails were thought, at one point, to be lost for good. Now, according to a statement found in the FBI’s notes, all that it might take to get them would be to have a grand jury request them.

According to the New York Post, the newly released notes from the Bureau’s investigation of Clinton’s private server claimed that the “bleaching” of Hillary’s server wasn’t as thorough as previously thought by the American public.

The notes in question came from an interview with Platte River Networks, the Denver contractor that maintained the infamous home-brew server. The executive said that the underling charged with “bleaching” Clinton’s emails didn’t bleach all of them. He only bleached the ones stored in a data file that he used to pass the emails on to Clinton’s aides.

The tech had “created a ‘vehicle’ to transfer email files from the live mailboxes of (Clinton Executive Services Corp.) email accounts (and) then later used BleachBit software to shred the ‘vehicle,’ but the email content still existed in the live email accounts.”

In other words, the only “bleaching” had to do with the file that had been used to transfer the emails. As the Post article pointed out, “(u)nless one of Clinton’s aides had the capability to log in to the PRN server as an administrator and remove a mailbox, her archived mailboxes more than likely still reside somewhere in that system.”

All the FBI needs to seize them is a grand jury to be impaneled and order their seizure.

via: madpatriots.com

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