CIA Director Exposes How Obama Is Using Political Correctness As A Way To Help ISIS

On Monday, Former CIA director James Woolsey went on Fox and Friends to share what he really thinks of Obama and political correctness. He revealed the sad truth. If Obama continues to push political correctness we will never be able to stop ISIS.

As long as we have to talk about things in a politically correct way and we can’t say that it’s Islamic terror … we are causing ourselves a massive amount of trouble. There’s virtually nothing that’s worse than political correctness if you’re trying to understand what’s going on in something like a movement like radical Islam,” said Woolsey.

This is ridiculous. It’s not just a PR matter. It’s not a matter of ratings. It’s a matter of life and death.” He said. He points out that a “rather large chunk of Islam is radical and focused on violence and it doesn’t help to ignore that. It hurts a lot.” He continues. “Suppose we had fought World War II this way, we would be sitting around here pledging allegiance to Hitler’s heirs, I would think. We would have lost,” he said. More people need to be willing to stand up to political correctness and spread this brave message.




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