BREAKING – Huma Makes SHOCK FBI Decision, Hillary Is Panicking!

Looks like Clinton’s lead aide has just broken from the ranks.

The once-loyal Clintonite’s lawyers are now in talks with the FBI over their search of Weiner’s laptop, as per News Max.

The FBI have called Huma “cooperative” with the investigation, which spells bad news for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. If Huma has been willing to communicate with the FBI, even only through lawyers, she could bring down Clinton single-handed.

It turns out that the FBI needs a search warrant to probe the new Clinton emails they found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop, as their original warrant only allows them to look into Anthony Weiner himself.

When they realized that some of Clinton’s deleted emails may be in the more than 650,000 Wiener emails, they immediately called in more investigators to determine their next steps.

Clinton’s private email server had been cleaned with Bleach Bit, so if there are any of those emails still within the Weiner cache, this is likely the FBI’s only chance to view them.

But, if Huma has truly turned on Clinton, she could provide more information to the FBI as to Clinton’s various alleged crimes. Including the details of her pay-to-play scheme, which has surely only been partially revealed.

If Huma allows the FBI to search the email cache, without a search warrant, it’s possible that she could speed up the investigation. Then, whatever secrets these deleted emails hold might just be made public knowledge before the elections. Then again, if Huma refuses to allow access, its likely that the FBI will have to wait a few days for official channels to give them a search warrant. That would very likely eliminate the possibility of any important discoveries before the election.

Though, the fact that Clinton’s top aide is now willing to turn against her should be all the information the voter really needs, right now. Hopefully Clinton will get her day in court, but even if not, its very unlikely that she’ll get her inauguration day.

As the Angry Patriot has recently reported, Loretta Lynch has been strongly against the FBI’s moves thus far. We can’t imagine that she’s pleased with this turn of events. The least happy person in the nation right now has to be Hillary Clinton. Surely, there’s no way that Liberals can continue to support her!

This is good news for We the People, and good news for Donald Trump. Let’s drain the swamp!


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