70,000 Bills Fans Give Kaepernick The FINGER After He DISRESPECTS U.S. Veterans

Kaepernick got Destroyed! Literally! 70,000 Bills fans showed the 49ers quarterback what they really thought about him disrespecting the national anthem and the American flag. Not only did the massive crowd boo him, but the Bills CRUSHED the 49ers, 45 – 16.

It was the first time Kaepernick has started a game since last November. The quarterback who only has a few games left with the 49ers since he was fired, knelt for the anthem… again. Mind you, the national anthem was written for the servicemen who fought off the British in the War of 1812. Kaepernick disrespects all veterans when he chooses to kneel. And Bills fans let him know, oh boy did they.

When he first came onto the field, the whole stadium erupted in boos. One Bills fan even yelled, “Your parents don’t even like you!!!” LOL. And they don’t! Lol. 😀

Right before the singing of the national anthem, and before Kaepernick kneeled, the massive crowd erupted in cheers of “USA, USA, USA!” – Something oppressed KaeperDi*k surely wasn’t too happy about.

In a post-game interview, KaeperDick told reporters that disrespecting the national anthem was “patriotic.” What a freaking idiot.

Hats off to the patriotic Bills fans who love America who gave America-hating KaeperDi*k a big FU!

via: freedomdaily.com